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Royal Paardekooper Group goes into partnership with Circular Plastics

To strengthen our position even more in the coming years we are clustering our strengths and our companies (with the exception of The LCA Centre) will change their name to Paardekooper.

Published 4 years ago

The Royal Paardekooper Group and Circular Plastics are joining forces and starting an intensive cooperation. The aim of this clustering of expertise and experience is the development of sustainable packaging solutions for the flower and plant sectors.

Circular Plastics works in accordance with a consortium model in which a number of professionals collaborate on solutions related to sustainable packaging. Circular Plastics’ partners, in addition to The Royal Paardekooper Group, are Kras Recycling Group, Frescoflowers, Crea Green, Con Pearl and the Rabobank. The partners work together to develop packaging solutions that facilitate and accelerate the transition to a circular economy in which reuse within a closed circle is stimulated and the use of modern up-cycling technologies enables products to be collected, recycled and reused many times over.

As a Circular Plastics consortium partner we can give our sustainability aspirations even more strength and thus accelerate the transition to circular packaging. This is essential, because in the future there will no longer be a place for single-use plastics.

Circular Plastics develops sustainable packaging solutions for the garden landscaping, ornamental horticulture and fruit and vegetable growing sectors. These business activities dovetail perfectly with the expertise and work terrain of our subsidiary Broekhof, which has specialised in packaging solutions for the flower and plant branches since 1974. In recent years the Company has achieved a great many breakthroughs in sustainable packaging in the Horti sector. The collaboration with Circular Plastics offers a good opportunity to further develop and upscale sustainable packaging.

About the Royal Paardekooper Group:

The Royal Paardekooper Group has been a trend-setting international player in the packaging market since 1919. The Group comprises a number of renowned packaging companies and brands, each with its own specialism. The result of these companies and brands working together is market-conforming prices, increased supply reliability, a wide choice and a higher level of quality, expertise, creativity and service.

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