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Royal Dutch Paardekooper Group takes over Van Dillewijn Group

To strengthen our position even more in the coming years we are clustering our strengths and our companies (with the exception of The LCA Centre) will change their name to Paardekooper.

Published 1 year ago

Royal Dutch Paardekooper Group, owner of Paardekooper and Broekhof, is strengthening its position in the floriculture sector. The family business in packaging is taking over Van Dillewijn Group, which also owns Dillewijn Zwapak. The takeover is subject to regulatory approval.

Royal Dutch Paardekooper Group will become the 100% owner and will take over all shares from the current owners. The recently acquired Alflora shops are also part of the deal, as are the business units: Terra International, Vaselife International and Synpro Moulding. The divisions will be added to Paardekooper’s Horti division.

Paardekooper is a family business with more than 100 years of history and experience in packaging and, in addition to packaging for the floriculture sector, it also supplies retail, industry (food and non-food), food service customers and the agricultural sector. The Van Dillewijn Group has been in existence for over 80 years and is originally a family business. They, too, supply packaging, floristry items and decoration materials for the floriculture sector. Both companies are international businesses with branches in various countries.

Johan van Hees, CEO of Royal Dutch Paardekooper Group: “The takeover will strengthen our position as a leader in sustainable packaging, both nationally and internationally. The integration provides various synergy advantages that will benefit our customers. By working closely together and combining packages, we will be even more effective’.

The Van Dillewijn Group has over 200 employees. Mark de Krosse, CEO Van Dillewijn Group: “In the current times, it is necessary to be able to adapt quickly. The transition to a sustainable and future-proof company demands great effort. With Paardekooper, there will be plenty of room and clout to start this transition.

The Netherlands Authority for Consumers and Markets still has to approve the takeover. The two companies expect to complete the deal in September 2021.

Spokesperson Paardekooper:
Lyanne Paardekooper, CMO

Spokesman Van Dillewijn Group
Mark de Krosse