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Food & Services

In the food and non-food retail sector everything revolves around standing out and being seen. This is why, in addition to a complete standard range (5,000 products in stock), the Paardekooper Group also offers the most original made-to-measure packaging. These articles are developed in-house in our own design studio – the Grafimedia Center. This means every packaging can be used as a creative and successful marketing tool and products have even more consumer appeal. We are also the largest supplier of wine, spirits and beer packaging in the Netherlands.

The Paardekooper Group has a nose for sniffing out market opportunities. Within the catering and food service market this talent translates into differentiating and practical food concepts. So food service establishments never knock on our door in vain. And the wholesalers? They’ve known where to find us for decades. Because as well as offering a wide one-stop-shopping range we also offer wholesalers high product availability and excellent supply reliability.

Horti & Agri

The horticulture segment is a dynamic market. From our offices in the Westland (the western region of the Netherlands) and around the FloraHolland flower auction we, together with growers and auction houses, work constantly on renewal and innovation. The presentation and protection of cut flowers, potted plants and herbs are essential aspects, as is coming up with solutions that save time and money. Our range includes flower and plant sleeves, films, Danish boxes and mailing packaging.

Within the agriculture market having the right packaging contributes towards reducing wastage and spoilage costs and extending product shelf life. Being based in the centre of the Westland, the world’s largest glasshouse area, has enabled us to learn exactly what fruit and vegetable growers and processors want and need. The products we supply include both standard and made-to-measure cardboard boxes, films, nets, trays, punnets and pallet materials.


The Paardekooper Group is a trusted partner in both the food and non-food industries and always knows exactly what is happening in these markets. One constant is the demand for efficiency at a low cost. The key question here is what is the most (cost) effective choice from the packaging offering and how can processes by made more efficient. Our specialist knowledge enables us to offer qualified expert advice.

We supply the food industry with special production and transportation packaging, made-to-measure packaging and every imaginable hygiene article and HACCP product. Our range includes pallet packaging, bags, closures and films. Our BRC certification means food safety is 100% guaranteed. We also stock a complete range for the non-food industry: from mailing packaging to filling materials and from outer boxes to HACCP disposables and hygiene products. Other plus-points are our one-stop-shop concept, excellent supply reliability, our own transport fleet and just-in-time delivery.