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Our companies and brands

Paardekooper Verpakkingen

Paardekooper Verpakkingen B.V. is the authority in the field of sustainable packaging solutions. The family business is an enthusiastic and reliable partner of every company that operates in the world of food-service, catering, retail, industry, horticulture and agriculture.

The LCA Centre

The LCA Centre is an independent authority in the field of environmental-impact measurement of packaging and disposables. By finding answers to every conceivable packaging question this scientific institute enables responsible choices to be made. The LCA Centre is a partner for training, workshops, consultancy, innovation and research.


Broekhof has been creating added-value with packaging and decoration materials for the flower and plant branch in an innovative and reliable way since 1974. The Broekhof family business has offices in Noordwijkerhout, Rijnsburg, Honselersdijk and Aalsmeer in the Netherlands and in Colombia, Kenya, Vietnam and the United States and also has its own plant and flower sleeve production facility in Vietnam. Utilising the different production possibilities in its own production facility enables Broekhof to manufacture and deliver a large number of high-quality articles very quickly.

Van der Windt

Van der Windt is a leading international player in the packaging and disposables world and supplies over 15,000 articles to a variety of industry branches including agriculture, ornamental horticulture, food, non-food, wholesale, food-service, cleaning and health care. Van der Windt’s clients profit from having a one-stop-shop. That means a single trusted contact point for every packaging question.


Thanks to its total range of disposables and packaging Depa Disposables knows better than anyone how to help entrepreneurs in the food-service and retail sectors organise their processes more efficiently and effectively. Depa combines a clear view of trends and developments at home and abroad with understanding of the day-to-day business of entrepreneurs and employees in food-service and retail. And it does it all with a no-nonsense and short lines approach that fits the branch.