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Paardekooper Group brands

Van der Windt

Van der Windt is a leading international brand in the packaging and disposables world. Van der Windt supplies over 15,000 articles to a variety of industry branches including agriculture, ornamental horticulture, food, non-food, wholesale, food-service, cleaning and health care.


The Depa collections make food moments easy, convivial and special. With both the user and the environment in mind.


LOVLY is the trend-setter in the field of gift packaging. The brand offers a contemporary range of on-trend gift packaging in various (changing) styles. LOVLY is inspired by the international trends in fields such as fashion, interior design, food and art.


Think personal protection and you think ComFort. For over 20 years ComFort has been a trusted name for high-quality (personal) protection products, such as caps, shoe covers, visitors’ coats and gloves.


The brand for the new generation of garbage bags. PowerSterko® has the perfect garbage bag for every company and every situation. We keep over 500 models in stock for you to choose from.


The Biodore brand, with its series of beautiful products made entirely from natural materials, is a natural alternative for traditional packaging concepts.

Other brands

Beautifully-designed, high-quality, innovative and sustainable: our own brands are all of those things. A contemporary look makes the picture complete. Some brands focus on a low environmental-impact and natural materials, others concentrate on strength and versatility. Together our own brands guarantee an immense variety of exceptional (packaging) products.