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Together sustainable innovative.

The packaging specialist

The Paardekooper Group’s packaging activities cover the whole world. Every one of the innovative companies and brands within our Group is a trend-setter in its markets and THE model for sustainable packaging and production.

100 year anniversary

Our centenary year has been made even more festive by our being granted the designation ‘Royal’. Paardekooper may now call itself Royal Paardekooper. This honour gave us a good reason to change our Group’s name to one that reflected our rich history. So the PACOMBI GROUP is now the Paardekooper Group.

100 years

In 2019 our proud family business is celebrating its 100th anniversary.


Our century of enterprise has been honoured with the designation ‘Royal’.

Family business

The fourth generation is now working in our proud family business.

About us

The Paardekooper Group is one of the largest independent packaging and business requisites companies in the Benelux. Our Group includes a number of renowned packaging companies and brands each with its own specialism. This means our clients can count on market-conforming prices, high delivery reliability, a wide choice and a high level of quality, expertise, creativity and service.

Family values

We have always been a family business; which is why we cherish important ‘family values’. That means we work with enthusiasm, discernment and decisiveness and conduct our business dealings with integrity, courage and effort. Innovation and a low environmental-impact are also spearheads. So is professionalism – what we do, we do well.


Paardekooper is founded

In 1919 the Great-Grandfather of fourth-generation Paardekooper, Lyanne, opened a small book and paper shop in Rotterdam. The company expanded and became a flourishing business with a broad range of activities around its core activity of packaging. By 1998 Paardekooper had well and truly grown out of its premises in Rotterdam, so the company moved to a new logistics centre and head office in Oud-Beijerland, where it is still based today.

Paardekooper is founded
This century

Growth through acquisitions

In 2008 Paardekooper joined forces with Depa and in 2011 with Halma Packaging. In 2013 the Paardekooper Group and Van der Windt Group came together in the PACOMBI GROUP. In 2016 Van der Gugten Rijnsburg joined the Group followed in 2018 by Broekhof. This is how the Group has become the world market leader in packaging and clients profit from a range of benefits, such as purchasing advantages and better quality and knowledge.

Growth through acquisitions

Our brands share a passion for finding sustainable packaging solutions for our 100,000 clients around the world.

Who is in the Paardekooper Group

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Sustainability is our core value

Sustainability is the core value and central business driver of all the companies and brands within the Paardekooper Group. We never stop looking for innovative, sustainable packaging solutions that will contribute towards reducing our clients’ carbon footprint.